UPVC-Windows Shutter

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Description and Features

It offers two programs shutters, interior or exterior protection and darkening able to integrate into any architectural style, with all the aesthetic benefits of wood and PVC.

The friar and inside or outside, formed by two families: Shutter "Z" and Mallorcan.

"Z" Shutters

The traditional shutters and reinforced tongue and groove boards with three tables in a "Z". With a structure internally reinforced and large hinges allowing to build four bodies shutters.

Inversoras and frames with or without overlap allow any configuration ensuring lasting stability over time and virtually no maintenance.

Mallorquina Shutters

Available in three versions:

Fixed Lama: to ensure dimming and ventilation where it is needed.

Mobile Lama: allows graduating from inside the tilt of the slats allowing the passage of light according to every need.

Panel: Generally blind is used as the inner shutter.

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