Description and Features

Our Glass Curtain enclosures without profiles are ideal for terraces, balconies, attics, porches, etc.. These glazing systems are also applicable in restaurants, offices, etc.. providing practical and innovative solutions for any space.

Our locking systems without aluminum frames can be adapted to implausible forms, with surprisingly spectacular aesthetic results, and very profitable for the owner.

This innovative enclosure system consists of an installation without work and without profiles vertical metal crystals. Aluminum carrying only upper and lower parts essential to guide the sliding and movement of the glass panels. This system is adaptable to any balcony, deck or attic, because in each case will be an exclusive manufacturing and customized.

These crystals are folded or gathered to one side, being completely closed or open without any piece of aluminum that may disturb vision.

Thanks to the absence of vertical metal profiles, the look of your balcony or terrace does not change and therefore does not affect the aesthetics of your property, giving added value to it.

Cortinas de cristal

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