Description and Features

Thanks to the variety of materials and designs that our company has, you will be able to close the roof of your porch or terrace, adding a fixed or mobile roof that will make you gain space for your home without giving up thermal and acoustic insulation and luminosity.

The variety of materials will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs, optimizing the benefits of the roofing space, whether for professional or private use.


Depending on the material chosen, they can be glass, polycarbonate or self-supporting.


Mobile roofs are the ideal element to cover the open space in your home, subjected to inclement weather, dirt, noise such as terraces, balconies, porches, etc. You can turn that space into a more useful and pleasant place, isolating it from the wind, rain, etc.

The fundamental advantage of the mobile roof is to be able to enjoy good weather when it favors us as well as to protect the surface on which we have made the installation in a few seconds. That simple, that easy, that comfortable.

There are several types depending on the characteristics, materials, openings …

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We work with the best brands on the market in protection systems, insulation and bathrooms.

Products manufactured by the best professionals and with the highest quality materials.

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